Tips For Diversity in The Workplace

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Sunday’s Oscars broadcast puts a global spotlight on a two-part challenge that troubles many industries: 1) few key roles go to people of diverse backgrounds; and 2) extensive talk has done little to change that reality. As CEO of a firm that helps companies attract and retain great talent for our clients, I’d love to see the event energize leaders across many sectors to look for better ways to walk their talk on diversity.

4 Signs of a Great Job Recruiter

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As the market for talent tightens, you may hear from so many recruiters that you want to send them all to eternal voice mail. If you consider executive search a necessary evil, here’s good news:  you can get recruited without getting pummeled. You just need to separate the recruiters who focus on companies at the expense of candidates from the ones who serve both companies and candidates.


6 Tips For Hiring & Securing Top Talent

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The year 2016 starts with the greatest disconnect I’ve seen in the field of talent acquisition, and the consequences threaten every company that values talent.
Here’s what’s happening.  Top candidates now generate employment options faster than at any time since before the recession, thanks to a tightening job market and the retirement of skilled baby boomers. Employers barely notice the change because enough “B” players remain available to support the continuing mindset that “there’s always someone else out there.”

Behavioral Interview Training, 4 Ways to Nail A Behavioral Interview

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Imagine interviewing for your dream job and realizing with five minutes to go that you haven’t shared what the hiring manager most needs to know. This happens more often than you might think when employers use a popular behavioral interview technique called the STAR method, which asks candidates to describe a specific situation or task from their past as well as the actions they took and the results they achieved. Behavioral interviews work as well as the questions and context provided by the interviewer, so consider these four steps to increase your chances of success:

4 Ways to Train The Next Business Champions

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Dicey senior management appointments can harm or even destroy a company's health.  Yet many organizations still promote senior leaders based on factors as capricious as last quarter's sales performance or personal relationships.  To protect against hasty decisions, more companies need to stop relying on the battlefield promotion mentality and start developing leaders with the same rigor that goes into training top athletes.  Here are four steps to grooming the Olympians of the business world.

4 Steps to Maximize Your Career After Labor Day

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Even more than the start of January, Labor Day kicks off a new career year as people get back to work with fresh energy.
Whether you're an experienced leader, a talented millennial, an executive seeking reinvention, or a returning professional, the weeks ahead bring some of the year's best opportunities for advancement.

Five Ways to Attract Top Talent for Executive Positions

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The "War for Talent" is real. With boomers retiring and experienced candidates in short supply, employers find themselves in competition for top talent. As a retained executive search firm supporting companies in their search and (most importantly) attraction and engagement of these executives, we recommend five steps for maximizing employment brand and appealing to "A-players."

Women Re-entering The Workforce

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As school starts, many women think about re-entering the workforce after taking time away to focus on family.  But how many will successfully relaunch?

10 Tips For an Easier Career Re-entry

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Starting a job search can unnerve even seasoned senior executives.  When the search follows a career hiatus, as it does for many women who plan a return to the workforce, the psychological stakes climb even higher.

As someone who's been a recruiter, an employer and a mother in transition, I know how hard it is to maintain your confidence.  Here are 10 tips for an easier re-entry.

Five Ways to Reinvent Your Career

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It's the season of telling graduates to do what they love, but what do you do when what you love changes? After reinventing my own career and working with hundreds of executives who have changed theirs, I've learned some techniques for maximizing the odds of success.

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