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    Helps us to appreciate the intricacies and dynamics that impact your operating environment and can mean the difference between surviving and soaring.

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    By providing customized/client-centric executive talent solutions that have made JBK worthy of special recognition from our clients and candidates across industries.

  • Relentless Commitment

    By being engaged, extraordinarily responsive, passionate and dedicated to a customized course of action that considers all the possibilities.

  • Transformational Leadership

    Providing innovative thinkers who support our clients’ strategy and vision while driving results through the building and management of high performing teams.


JBK Associates International is a woman-owned, global executive search firm that is a leader in the recruitment and retention of diverse talent across the spectrum of industries and functionalities.


We are leaders in the D&I space relative to Talent Acquisition and support our client’s strategy for creating the most inclusive organizations with the greatest ROI.  We bring great leaders to great companies.


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Our Position on Diversity & Inclusion

The country and business community are at a watershed moment where the conversations around diversity and inclusion are more open and comprehensive today than ever before.

This mission holds tremendous relevance with incredible timeliness, as our firm has been a fore-front leader in this conversation and action since our founding 18 years ago. We are a certified woman-owned executive search firm that has been steeped in Diversity and Inclusion Talent Acquisition long before these conversations were apparent…we were the pioneers and it has been a long journey but we are encouraged to see what is taking place today. As the industry leader in this space, we are not only experts in placing diverse candidates with a success rate of over 70% year over year, but as important, we are skilled at having the conversations that help our clients retain the candidates they have worked so hard to attract, supporting their continued desire to achieve even greater organizational inclusion.

In this time, at this moment, more so than ever before, companies are striving to make the thought of a diverse and inclusive workforce a reality and no longer just a thought and we can support this mission.

We welcome the opportunity to schedule a call so we may provide you with the deep details that could lead you and your company to a watershed moment.

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Meet the team.

Our team consists of passionate and experienced people,
who love what they do and always look forward to face new challenges.

  • juliesq

    Julie Kampf

    CEO & Chief Possibilities Officer
    Board of Talent Champion


  • RonSQ



  • Katsq


    Vice President

  • StevenLaKindSQ

    Steven LaKind


  • bmathewshs

    Brenda Mathews


  • kmayerhs

    Krystyn Mayer

    Vice President

  • Mary Ann Seamon


  • TravisSQ



  • myra2

    Myra Rosen

    Principal & Executive Search Consultant

  • Radley

    Radley Ricketts

    Executive Recruiter

  • Lisa SQ

    Lisa Sestak


  • matthewm

    Matthew Menard

    Executive Search Consultant

  • MikeYoungSQ



  • linda

    Linda Koch

    Executive Search Consultant

  • KevinSQ

    Kevin McCormick

    Vice President, Client Services and Operations

  • ChristianSQnew

    Christian McIntosh

    Research Manager

  • aj

    Arvin (AJ) Manalese

    Information Systems Manager

  • sarah

    Sarah Quinones

    Executive Administrator

  • MarySQ

    Devi Arnold

    Research Associate

  • MarySQ

    Matthew Thais

    Research Associate

  • MarySQ

    Stephanie Jacobs

    Research Associate

  • Mario

    Mario Donaldson

    Research Associate

  • sonnalika

    Sonalika Mannimala

    Research Associate

  • SandySQ

    Sandy Pinder

    Office Administrator

  • De

    Denise D'agostino

    Practice Leader, Organizational Development

  • MarySQ

    Mary denise kuprionis

    External Advisor

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