Tips For Anyone Contemplating a Career Change, Plans B, C and D

Written by Julie Kampf on . Posted in Blog

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Love this career insight from New York Times writer Caitlin Kelly: "Everyone, whatever age, needs a Plan B. And maybe a Plan C and a Plan D." So true!

Here are a few tips for anyone contemplating a career change:

Ask people who know you well for insights. If trusted friends and associates keep suggesting the same new career for you, start making a plan of action. Years ago, this strategy took me from a fashion career that I liked but didn't love to a new career in executive talent solutions.

Here are a few tips for anyone contemplating a career change:

If it interests you, consider starting your own business. In my life, being an entrepreneur has given me the flexibility to be a hands-on mother, raise money for charity and serve on boards of meaningful organizations - and have my dream career

Keep networking! This is especially important for finding a group of mentors who can serve as an informal "Board of Directors" for your new career.

With commitment and care, your backup plan may just become your best-yet career move.

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