U.S. News & World Report has a great column on 8 Job Search Lessons You Can Learn from the Super Bowl.  Here are a few more tips for the millions of talented executives considering a job change or even a career change: 

  • Keep up your interview skills.  If you’re like most people, these skills may have slipped over the years.  Seek opportunities to present yourself and talk about your achievements, so you’ll be better prepared when an interview comes your way.
  • Be patient.  In this era of flattening hierarchies and cross-collaboration, even leading employers have slowed their search processes, and that means delays for candidates. 
  • Dance.  Or sing.  Or bowl.  Or do any other one thing that brings joy to your day.  Having a happier life will help your job search.
  • Most important, don’t let fear hold you back.  As Lara Galinsky writes in the HBR Blog Network, “fear means go.”  The bottom line: you can freeze with fear and turn your fate over to circumstance.  Or you can take control where possible, and make the most of every opportunity to energize your career. 

Good luck!

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